Emma Deserves more

Wow. Ever think your not being treated the way you should be being treated? I get that alot. I think people should be treated more fairly. I for one am treated like an outcast all the time. When you give boys what they want.. they just leave. its like your not good enough anymore. Boys really need to be more considerate of how they are making girls feel.

Love & Boys two things a girl wishes she had. But also two things that can ruin her life (U).

I’m currently in love with a boy. He is totally amazing.. but he doesnt realise how much i actually like him. he treats me like shit. But he doesnt notice that he’s doing it. I just wish he could realise. Maybe that would change the way he treats me. or maybe not? Only one way to find out. I shall confront him. see where that takes me. i have to be strong. he has ruined me.

I think that emma deserves more..

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